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News You can now purchase books through the books for sale tab.
  tylerkirkham (2015/12/30 17:26:42)
News Deathstroke black and white art gallery added!
  tylerkirkham (2015/8/3 16:54:53)
News Deathstroke annual 1 in stores now!
  tylerkirkham (2015/7/30 9:24:18)
News A process video of me drawing Spider Gwen!
  tylerkirkham (2015/7/7 13:53:53)
News The art of Tyler Kirkham, (Separation) Hard cover book!
  tylerkirkham (2015/4/23 10:41:12)
News Superman Batman annual 2 out this week!
  tylerkirkham (2015/3/31 10:18:23)
News Earth 2 Worlds end original art is finally up!
  tylerkirkham (2015/2/6 13:04:17)
News Prints for sale updated!
  tylerkirkham (2014/10/10 16:09:11)
News Worlds Finest, Huntress and Power girl art is up and for sale!! http://www.tylerkirkham.com/modules/myalbum/viewcat.php?cid=142
  tylerkirkham (2014/8/14 10:51:32)
News Secret origins and Teen Titans 30 art now for sale!!
  tylerkirkham (2014/7/4 12:09:15)
News Have you read SCREWED yet?
  tylerkirkham (2014/3/12 11:07:47)
News Teen Titans 26 in stores now!!
  tylerkirkham (2014/1/2 11:04:27)
News Larfleeze!!
  tylerkirkham (2013/11/26 14:27:01)
News Teen Titans!!
  tylerkirkham (2013/11/26 14:17:43)
News Appearing at Salt lake comic con Sept 5-7
  tylerkirkham (2013/8/16 14:58:14)
  tylerkirkham (2013/7/10 16:56:06)
News Screwed hits shelves!
  tylerkirkham (2013/6/6 21:12:20)
News SCREWED # 1 in stores June 5th!
  tylerkirkham (2013/5/28 11:08:44)
News RedHood and the outlaws and Superman original art online now!!
  tylerkirkham (2013/3/21 13:03:53)
News More art added soon!
  tylerkirkham (2013/3/17 12:25:03)
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