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Web Site : Contact form glitch fixed
on 2010/3/19 13:30:33 (967 reads)
If anyone has tried to contact Tyler via the Contact form and was wondering why he hasn't responded, it's not because he didn't want to! There was an error we discovered today with the Contact form which has been fixed. Apoligies to anyone who may have thought they were being ignored!


General : Unseen art!
on 2010/3/15 13:57:09 (1022 reads)
I'm posting art from The Fiction novel I was working on with some friends called The Guardianship Saga. This project never got finished. I'm not sure what the future holds for it. I figured I should post some of the art on here at least. We got about 100 written pages into it and we all got to busy to work on it=(
Keep checking back every Monday for new art updates.


General : New sketch added
on 2010/2/15 12:30:00 (1048 reads)
I just made a new section in the art gallery. SKETCHES AND PREVIEWS. This section is for random sketches or previews of projects I'm working on. I'm gonna try to post something here every week. So keep checking back to see new stuff=) It might be a sketch or it might be clip of a page I'm working on. Here's the first one.

http://www.tylerkirkham.com/modules/m ... .php?cid=93&orderby=dateD

See you next week Monday!!

General : My new project Mysterious ways!!
on 2010/2/8 11:00:43 (934 reads)

check out this sweet video clip Jason Rubin the creator of the book made.
If you don't know Jason Rubin he created video games Crash Badicoot and Jak and Daxter as well as the Aspen comic series Iron and the Maiden.

General : WELCOME to the brand new Tylerkirkham.com!!!!
on 2010/2/1 23:20:00 (927 reads)
Hey everyone. As you know I have bounced around on sites to display my art. I had my own site a few years back, but it was to hard to maintain on my own. So my friends and I made a site to display and discuss our art and projects. Overcaststudios.net is still up and running. It just wont be MY primary site. THIS IS IT FOLKS! My new home. This is where to come for news, art updates, art for sale, and commission requests. I am making a goal to update it as much as possible. so check in for updates often. I will be facebooking with all updates, so look for Tyler Kirkham on there.=) I want to thanks my bro Tristan (mindman) Kirkham for this sweet site. He put it all together for me. It turned out perfect! Also I am going to slowly get every single piece of art I have in the art for sale section. This will take a while, but I will chip away at it slowly. I just finally added all the remaining Superman Darkness pages. Took me long enough. If you have a request and want me to get a certain issue or certain book scanned please let me know. Thanks for your visit, Enjoy!! Please email me directly with any questions or concerns.

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