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General : Sketches added
on 2010/5/18 22:33:59 (948 reads)
I haven't added a sketch for a few weeks so I made up for it by adding 3 just now! =)

General : local Interview
on 2010/4/7 14:08:41 (879 reads)

General : Spiderman art finally posted for sale!!
on 2010/4/5 18:18:51 (868 reads)
Ok I just uploaded all the Amazing Spiderman Art I have left for sale. Issue 530 and 531 The road to civil war!
http://www.tylerkirkham.com/modules/m ... .php?cid=94&orderby=dateD

Web Site : Contact form glitch fixed
on 2010/3/19 13:30:33 (861 reads)
If anyone has tried to contact Tyler via the Contact form and was wondering why he hasn't responded, it's not because he didn't want to! There was an error we discovered today with the Contact form which has been fixed. Apoligies to anyone who may have thought they were being ignored!


General : Unseen art!
on 2010/3/15 13:57:09 (900 reads)
I'm posting art from The Fiction novel I was working on with some friends called The Guardianship Saga. This project never got finished. I'm not sure what the future holds for it. I figured I should post some of the art on here at least. We got about 100 written pages into it and we all got to busy to work on it=(
Keep checking back every Monday for new art updates.


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