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General : Mysterious ways preview!
on 2010/9/30 12:50:23 (1005 reads)
My new Top cow project!!

http://www.brokenfrontier.com/headlin ... preview-mysterious-ways-1

General : The Guardianship Saga is on the horizon!!!
on 2010/9/20 17:18:15 (1507 reads)
Ok Everyone check out this new Site I'm involved with. I've been excited to talk about it. Its brand spanking new! Its a site for creators to showcase exclusive work. I will be using this site to tell a story with some close friends. The crew at Overcast studios, We've been developing this for years now! The Guardianship Saga!! Some of you may remember me talking about this a couple years ago. This site is the perfect place for us to tell the story!! It will be exclusive to this site! You won't be able to see it anywhere else. Check out the link for more details. Its a fantasy that follows Kale our main character on his journey. As he logs it into his journal with art and writing. http://comicspipeline.com/

General : Hello all. update and more art uploaded
on 2010/8/19 22:39:40 (1090 reads)
Update for you, As you know I am Knee deep in my DC work now. I'm having a blast too. Green Lantern issue 53 will be in stores in October. Also don't forget about my latest Top cow work. Mysterious ways #1 was released at Comic con in a preview book. The single issue is not available yet. Thats to be announced still. Keep checking back for more info.

Take a look at the covers for the titles here.
http://www.tylerkirkham.com/modules/m ... viewcat.php?num=10&cid=24

Also I added a new sketch. in the gallery in sketches and previews.

General : More on my DC stuff.
on 2010/7/19 10:50:48 (1173 reads)
http://www.newsarama.com/comics/Tyler ... -dc-interview-100716.html

General : interview
on 2010/7/16 18:18:42 (1007 reads)

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