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General : HUGE art for sale update! Green Lantern New Guardians
on 2012/2/21 12:37:36 (892 reads)

Green Lantern New Guardians issues 1-5 art for sale is now up!! 




Issue 6 hits stores this Wednesday! Feb 22! I'll upload issue 6 art right after. 

Feel free to email me if you there are any pages you are interested in before I get them uploaded. 




General : Green lantern art added in the art for sale gallery
on 2012/1/31 17:34:07 (922 reads)

Green Lantern movie prequel, and Green lantern war of the GL's aftermath pages added. 

General : 2011
on 2012/1/10 11:21:50 (914 reads)

2011 was an awesome year for me. I went to more cons than ever before. Thanks to everyone whow came out to see me at the shows. It was a pleasure. Also thanks for buying original art , prints, and wanting sketches and commissions. I have a great time meeting people and chatting. Being part of the New 52 launch was amazing, and launching Green Lantern New Guardians. Thanks for buying the books guys!! Here is to 2012 being an even better year!!! 

General : Cons
on 2011/11/19 11:37:56 (1186 reads)

I had a great time hitting conventions this year!! Thanks if you came out to meet me!

I already have 4 lined up for the first half on next year. New Orleans, Arizona, Toronto, and Houston shows. 




General : Art update!!!!
on 2011/9/29 14:53:56 (1300 reads)

Green Lantern New Guardians is now on stands. I just uploaded my original art for sale. http://www.tylerkirkham.com/modules/myalbum/viewcat.php?cid=112


I also updated the Random covers for Sale. 

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